Thursday, November 26, 2009


Drawing...Drawing is what I know I should be doing..I'm determined next weekat least I'm starting a one a day thing with these little banana leaf fish I have. I must draw them,. Until then? I'm making doll things! Yay!, yes, So Imade headbands....and this is them. They're er..kinda shitty, but I tried!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pages of fail

So I should take a bookmaking cours...okay, notI'm capable of reading the books on how to make booksand following the directions on my own even! What I NEED is some proper tools. A bone thingy, and scoringness and...yess...well, and maybe patience as well.
So basically I am doing a secret santa with the BJD world....So I made (or tried to make) aSD doll sized book. It's sort of cute...? I feel like I should try again and maybe I will but oyyy, making christmas presents is hard! Buying things is just so much easier except I have no money. ...