Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm calling this my weekend post

Yep...okay, I fully intended getting things done this weekend! But I've spent most of my time in gutting my room and trying to organise and find places for things. It's amazing what you'll find tucked around your room all over the place! I have umpteen thousand pens!
So for the weekend...a dead chicken. A sketch from one of my photos at the Hunterian. I picked up my sketchbook from harlwo recently and realized I still had planned drawings that weren't done! So until it's full...My daily drawings I think are going to be what I planend to draw into those raggy pages. Then it will be done and pretty and I'll move on.


  1. hey I've seen this before!! I think I've got the exact same shot from the Hunterian haha, looks good though! :)

  2. I hearted vistiting the Hunterian. Definately keep drawing from that! :)