Saturday, December 26, 2009


I did indeed complete the paitning for my Mums christmas present. AND I made her a necklace for her stocking. I took photos of the silhouettes that are on her bedroom wall of myself and my brothers heads when we were little,. scaled them and printed them to fit on this neat little pendant I bought at Michaels a few months back. Martha Stewart brand! Not a big fan but she does have some pretty darned neat stuff!
Now I'm working on faceups.....seriously not easy stuff. Such tiny little eyebrows!
Alright, so heres the painting, aaand I'm including thee photo I used for reference.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas..... yugh

So it's christmas eve...I still don't have the painting for my Mum done for tomorrow..Soo hopefully I'll be posting that in the morning before its wrapped after being completed! Heh....
In other news, I am jobless again. Seasonal staff hired on in December is kind of sad when everyone else was hired on in September....means those with three months experience get kept on an not so much Ahwell, at least they seemed sincere in offering me a reference. Didn;t even have to ask!
So I'll be job hunting again in the new year.... in the meantime I'll be trying to catch up on some art type things. And avoiding people....well not all people, but right now there are five people staying at my house. soon to be six. Family. I love all of them..... but at the same time. I do not lile sitting through racist comments, slurs, and inappropriate jokes...that I get snarled at when I make any effort to correct. So apparently I have no sense of humour because I don'tthink joking about peoples cultures is funny....yeah. Or that telling your Italian boyfriend that 'we's white folks round here' is 'cute'.
Soooo anyways, I should get to painting....had to finish this little book first though. Simple christmas gift type thingy for someone in the states.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Theoretically.... now just theoretically here... When you're working a job, and get paid, you should if there are no bills to pay be able to spend your money howeveryou see fit. Or say when you receive a check as a presents... said money should go towards some kind of present to make you happy no? So I receved such a gift.... and I spent it, on three seperate purchases. Of course my parents love to check my bank account. I then get drilled on what I'm buying and paying for with paypal.... told 'not to waste all my money' like my brother did over paypal. Kay...yeah, my brother wracked up a huge visa bill in his youth. But guess what!! I'm not my brother, I', also not 16, I'm not going to order something I don't have the immediate funds to pay for! Hence the paypal.... I next get paid on the 1st. That combined with my last check...I had plans for. Very specific purchasing plans, for lovely expensive items that will please me to add to my collection.I get the 'no more spending money on the internet!' I....would like to have my bank account to myself thanks. I have no problem with mom having access to it, seeing what I'm doing on it even. But harp about everything I do? No... thank you. Now... all the shifts working a painfull job I get nothing to look forward to showing for it.... and theres my grumping for the day.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

First of many? er..maybe

Soo my dads birthday was December 3rd. And I'm a horrible daughter...because sure I knew when his birthday was, I just forgot it WAS december third! time goes by so fast! Sooo I painted a watercolour for him. So here is my Dad and my neice Olivia... I'm fairly pleased with the results... And of course when I do more, I'll improve! Woo!

Monday, December 7, 2009

So far as I got....

I was fooling around with Photoshop and tried to do a grayscale image of...dun dun dunn...My Doll! Yes, yes I know. Sooo this is as far as I got with it before my trial period finished up and I can no longer work on it anymore.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cafe Crazy

In some ways I feel like clay cafe is a cop out....And yet, I love it! You can plan something simple, go in pint it on a plate, and be done! Voila, insta cermic peice. So far I have made a teapot and cup for my Papa, 4 coasters for my sister in law, 8 other coasters 4 for each aunt on my Mums side aaaand of course my Skull I made with Mandi. Next i will endeavour to do a portrait of my neice. A little nervercking painting ceramis is nooothing like other painting....Well, maybe acrylics ifyou're usingthem literally from the bottle nd not blending... but >,> I'm going to try blending colours Skintones oh my!! Oh maybe everythng should just be in black and white?
OH!! And I also made my neice a piggybank I am in love with, it's a black and white pig with pink stars....I'd take pictures, eventually. For now? Here is my long overdue Skull lamp..... and a random watercolour that's part of a secret santa exchange with Dolls.