Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cafe Crazy

In some ways I feel like clay cafe is a cop out....And yet, I love it! You can plan something simple, go in pint it on a plate, and be done! Voila, insta cermic peice. So far I have made a teapot and cup for my Papa, 4 coasters for my sister in law, 8 other coasters 4 for each aunt on my Mums side aaaand of course my Skull I made with Mandi. Next i will endeavour to do a portrait of my neice. A little nervercking painting ceramis is nooothing like other painting....Well, maybe acrylics ifyou're usingthem literally from the bottle nd not blending... but >,> I'm going to try blending colours Skintones oh my!! Oh maybe everythng should just be in black and white?
OH!! And I also made my neice a piggybank I am in love with, it's a black and white pig with pink stars....I'd take pictures, eventually. For now? Here is my long overdue Skull lamp..... and a random watercolour that's part of a secret santa exchange with Dolls.

1 comment:

  1. I can see the skull so much better in these pictures than I could on your camera. He's stylin'.

    Also, LOVE that little watercolour.