Thursday, November 26, 2009


Drawing...Drawing is what I know I should be doing..I'm determined next weekat least I'm starting a one a day thing with these little banana leaf fish I have. I must draw them,. Until then? I'm making doll things! Yay!, yes, So Imade headbands....and this is them. They're er..kinda shitty, but I tried!


  1. I love the headbands, and the book! I don't know why you keep putting down your work. You should be proud you can do these things! Stop putting yourself down, you're AMAZING! <3

  2. you have to see them close up. >,> You know meee! I have no patience for the actual technicalities of construction. I'm pleased enough...and now I'm making hats! Hee! Anywhooo <3 you are love Jill.

  3. Agreeing with Jill! Plus first attempts are never perfect. The book is actually quite good. And of course the headbands are lovely. Be proud of your work! And post pictures of your awesome skull!