Saturday, December 19, 2009


Theoretically.... now just theoretically here... When you're working a job, and get paid, you should if there are no bills to pay be able to spend your money howeveryou see fit. Or say when you receive a check as a presents... said money should go towards some kind of present to make you happy no? So I receved such a gift.... and I spent it, on three seperate purchases. Of course my parents love to check my bank account. I then get drilled on what I'm buying and paying for with paypal.... told 'not to waste all my money' like my brother did over paypal. Kay...yeah, my brother wracked up a huge visa bill in his youth. But guess what!! I'm not my brother, I', also not 16, I'm not going to order something I don't have the immediate funds to pay for! Hence the paypal.... I next get paid on the 1st. That combined with my last check...I had plans for. Very specific purchasing plans, for lovely expensive items that will please me to add to my collection.I get the 'no more spending money on the internet!' I....would like to have my bank account to myself thanks. I have no problem with mom having access to it, seeing what I'm doing on it even. But harp about everything I do? No... thank you. Now... all the shifts working a painfull job I get nothing to look forward to showing for it.... and theres my grumping for the day.


  1. honestly I think it would be very reasonable for them NOT to be able to see what you're buying. I love my parents and don't think there's anything I'd buy that they would object to, but I would not be comfortable at all with them watching my purchases! anyway it's my opinion that you open an account that they can't see. :/ my boyfriend has a similar situation going on with his mom and it drives me nuts!

  2. Yea, not cool. I'd lose my mind! It IS your money, and you ARE an adult. They should be thankful you have a job and aren't just twiddling your thumbs! Hang in there, man. <3

  3. Thirding everything! It's nice that they care, but you know, kids have to become adults and you know make their own decisions.