Tuesday, September 1, 2009

oy... >,>

So a month later I come back with!....nothing.
Well not nothing, but a marker version of a drawing I;ve already loaded two versions of on here....Sad or what? And I haven't even finished the digital version >,> So, lets just all pretend this is brand new and fabulous. I am actually drawing things....just, not things I'm putting on here...don'task me how my mind works, it wouldn't make sense.
So, t septembe,r school starts,I am not inschool nor do I have a job in one...new school year resolutions! On drawing a week on here...yes. So someone hold me to it.


  1. The marker version is still very pretty. I haven't been drawing much on account of I went to Ottawa! But I'm home now. I've been trying to call you! We need to find some time to get together. i miss you! :)

  2. pretty pretty markers! go hang out with Mandi and do some drawing in a coffee shop or something. ;p I'll volenteer to bug you if I do not see things from you by saturday. how's that sound? maybe thursday would be better.

  3. I'm bad at this. D:
    Lady! post somethinnnnggggg.