Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ten days

So I have officially made my room livable for some semblance of human habitatoion. Yay! I really wish I had two rooms though. apartement, Yes... a three bedroom apartement one room for me, one for a roomie perhaps and the third would allow me to have a studio! I need space just to store my art supplies let alone to use them. I really only have space to do sketches right now, small drawings where I can sit in the living room. So I am at least determined to continue that one! I have twenty pages left empty in my Harlow if I can do teo a day it'll be done by next week. Yay! Then onto other things, I ahve christmas presents I need to make, and buy.... My Mum wants a painting of my neice. So I figure I can try and get that done..maybe - water colour or acrylic I am not sure.... Every eight hours or so I'm trying to put a coat of stain on my donkey...So far I fail at staining wood and it looks horribly uneven. Sand off and try again I guess? Haven't gotten back to clay cafe to finish my skull...Really need to get that done soon, tomorrow maybe...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Productivity

I actually feel productive today. I got up before noon! I went into town, I painted a skull-lamp at Clay Cafe and spent some time with Mandi-darling. Our socializing aspect however of art makings sort of failed. :P Mostly because we were very focused on making pretty things!
And when you make one thing...really don't you feel like making more? So I got a couple other sketches in my old Harlow sketchbook done. Soon it will be filled and I will move on to other things! Like mosaic tables, coasters! the plate set I want or...maybe even....creaitng a body of work?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Dowloaded a free trial of photoshop cs4. I am in love. Squee~ Gradient scales are so lovely. Soo I toyed around and made my chara Bella... and then made it with less leafy things.