Tuesday, February 9, 2010

People Watching

I should really go out more. Just sit places, watch people. try and draw them. Saturday night was lisa's gong away party, she's going to Ireland! Lucky Duck. Anyways, duting the course of the party I got to be amused by Lisa's very drunk and supposedly straight cousin hit on Kate Urquehart (I think I'm very much spelling her name wrong here) Anyways, it was....fun. I tried to draw them... Kate was very stiff, poor dear. The cousin however kept moving....so she looks sort of like a sketched out lecher.


  1. This looks like it's been very productive for you! Chapters and Atlantic Place are great places to inconspicuously people watch. And people watching happens all the time at the malls.

    Having the description makes me really appreciate the girl's expression/posture.

  2. Haha poor awkwardness. Nice sketch!! Good idea to go around town to sketch folks. I keep meaning to as well... Maybe I will today.