Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sitting waiting....if only there were cupcakes

Alright, so my portfolio is off to be judged. I....am uncertain. Some things I'm confidant about. I like my self portrait, my cupcake here... myhand and footdraws I was pleased with. The perspective thin though? A bookshelf in 2 point, with min 12 items....I got it done, the bookshelf was in perspective, theres items on it! I just..hope they're goodenough? enoguh variety sort of thing....but I don't know! And I can't even ask opinions because I only had one copy and it is goooone away to New Brunswick. Anyways....here's hoping. Getting turned down would crush my little artistic spirits, for a while anyways.


  1. Don't let it crush you if you don't! Besides, I like what I've seen of your portfolio - I'm sure things are not as bad as you think they are. Besides you did so much work and accomplished something, and tried. That alone is awesome.

  2. It won't REALLY crush me. I'll just be disappointed and debate reapplication or taking it as a sign and get going on overseas plans.