Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ever wonder?

So it's past two am, I'm sitting here.... jobless yet again, lacking something integral to life... what's that you say? Inspiration...yes, I have no inspiration, let alone Drive.... I do however have a big ole list of things I need to do to improve my life...amongst other less important things though...they still need to get done to make things easier Like...get my dog nuetered. On the bright side he's a little better behaved since I started putting him on the tredmill. Dear Cesar Millan you are my hero. So's going.....and have you even seen those call thsi 1-800 number Art Institute commercials? You ever wonder about doing them? I looked it up, it's 27 lessons through correspondace, and costs 3,000 dollars. On one hand, I'd ben interested in doing it....on the other. I think wtf did you go to four years of Art School for?! But you know what? I don't always know that I got alot out of my four years at Grenfell.... Really through no fault of my own. Honestly? I haven't gotten a lot out of the past like..six years of my life. Some things sure of course! Well...nice Uni friends... went to England....and Thailand. And I know I shouldn't take anything I HAVE gotten for granted. I donn't.... I just know if I was different I could have gotten a whole lot more. I could have done more. Gotten better grades, met more people, gone more places.... Okay.... so that's my ranting for... uhm, this week? No garuntees it won't happen again. Well not really ranting...more..negative thinking.... But it leads to positive! I've got a plan.... just need to stick with it. But.... >,> to take an art class?


  1. I took a lot of extra curricular art courses, but none distance. I really feel like those are a scam. Are there any in St. John's to take instead?

  2. I kind of feel like that too!
    But I googled it and looked it up and everything. It's....supposedly legite. I kind of like the idea of doing assignements and sending them off to be graded, but yeah....I don't want to pay that kind of money. I want to do something that focuses entirely on technique not creativity so I can drive that into my brain.
    There are some courses in St. Johns....not alot though. Mostly like, the 'keep on learning!' stuff offered from MUN. I should look for a life drawing class.

  3. There's a life drawing group here in town that meets every once in a while. I've been thinking about doing it but I don't know enough about it. I keep meaning to get the info from John Green and keep forgetting. It's not a class - but still. Anna Templeton offers courses on different things from time to time, and there are workshops offered half often at St. Michaels. They just finished one on encaustic painting. I wanted to go to a few of them at the printshop but I don't have the funds for that yet.

  4. Krystin! Come to animation school with me!! They focus completely on technique! <3